For us at Semar, sustainability is a fundamental component of the way we conduct business and make strategic decisions that have an impact on the community. Since 2011, Semar has been implementing and paying special attention to the environment around us. We started our action towards the environment around us by powering production lines with photovoltaic panels. From there we have not stopped!



  • Indoor heating: use of heat pumps that draw energy from our solar panels
  • Safe working environment: LED lighting inside the facility
  • Reduced travel: dedicated lunch break area in the company


  • Employee well-being:
    availability of fresh fruit as a substitute for vending machine snacks
  • New ways of working:
    dealing with meetings in open and relaxed spaces
  • Ethical code:
    Whistle-blowing, Reporting misconduct. Check out ours ethical code
  • Working together to achieve goals:
    Human Resources Department conducts motivational interviews

SEMAR 2030

Sustainable Development Goals

Since 2021, the Semar Group has adhered to the SDG programme, goals for sustainable development, promoted by the United Nations. Thanks to these 17 goals, it will be possible to grow uniformly, committing to a system of equal and fair rights for all. To find out more visit the website. Below is a description of how we put into effect the goals:

We collaborate with local schools by hosting students in school-to-work (PCTO) projects. We cooperate with universities in the Talent Acquisition process by offering internships for recent graduates.

As a goal for the future, we would like to increase the number of school-to-work projects and initiate more collaborations for dissertations and internships.

In the Semar Group,40 per cent of managerial positions are held by women. We guarantee from the selection process onwards salaries in line per position and qualification for both men and women.

As a goal for 2030, we aim to provide professional development support for women through training and coaching sessions.

We regularly sanitise workplaces. We put in place all the anti-Covid provisions stipulated in the decree of 21 September 2021 and ensure that these are complied with.

As a goal for the future, we want to offer water dispensers in offices and production areas free of charge.

Since 2011, Semar has been supplying its Italian production lines with photovoltaic energy produced at the plant in Castelfidardo, Italy.

As a goal for 2030, we want to convert the entire company car fleet to electric cars.

We are committed to offering fair working conditions in full compliance with current regulationsin every country where our Group is present.

For the future, we would also like to expand this control to our suppliers to ensure that there is no violation of human rights within our production chain.

Semar controls its production flow constantly through digitisation of processes. We strive for other companies to be able to do so, through our PMS, a product that monitors parameters in production signals a problem and avoids wastage of raw materials and energy.

We believe that in the coming years we will further expand the product range dedicated to the industrial sector, in line with Industry 4.0.

We strongly believe and feel it is our responsibility to make all urban centres more liveable. We invested and designed Infinergi a charging station for electric vehicles, for this. We also use it for our company's electric cars and it is a product whose reliability makes us particularly proud.

We are aiming for a more widespread distribution of charging stations in the near future.

In 2021, the Semar Group drew up its first global C0₂ emissions report. We analysed the impact each plant has on its environment. This was possible thanks to a training programme for managers and participation in the Zero Carbon project promoted by Schneider Electric

The first step in this project is to identify direct consumption (machinery in production or company cars) and indirect consumption (electricity purchased from the grid). The second step will be to set a target to reduce total emissions in the coming years, in order to create a concrete and achievable plan. For the future, we want to achieve total emission neutrality in our business operations in order to fight climate change.

Employee safety, development and involvement are the core values of our company. We believe in the participation of all resources in order to achieve a common goal. We design, create and operate with industrialisation techniques that become more efficient every day in order to reduce waste. We also partner with the local community by making donations to the Italian Green Cross, cancer prevention organisations and this year, to children who fled the war in Ukraine. We sponsor sports teams such as the Castelfidardo football and cycling team. Together, we can grow stronger!

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