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  • How does the electric vehicle charging work? Is infinergi an AC or a DC charger?

     Electric vehicles can be charged using direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). DC chargers work with very high power and can be found in public environments, while AC chargers work with lower power and can be installed in private or semi-public environments. 

    Infinergi is a mode 3 AC charging station that delivers up to 7.4kW on single-phase systems, or 22kW on three-phase systems.

  • My car already came with the external charger. Why should I buy a charging station?

    The charging time of an electric vehicle is given by the following calculation:

    Charging time (h) = Battery capacity (KWh) / Charging power (KW)

    For example, if you charge with a power of 2kW and your car has a 50kWh battery, you need 25 hours for a full charge!

    The vehicles OEM optional battery chargers are often equipped with Shuko type plugs, which can support limited currents, usually 10A (about 2kW), or rarely 16A.

    Using an AC charging station like Infinergi makes charging the car much faster, delivering up to 7.4kW on single-phase systems, and up to 22kW on three-phase systems.

  • Is infinergi safe?

    After an accurate hardware and software analysis, Infinergi has been certified according to CEI EN IEC 61851-1:2019 regulation by the DEKRA certification body and has a CE certification. You can safely connect your vehicle!

  • Should I choose a single-phase or a three-phase device?

    It depends on your system and your vehicle. If you need to install Infinergi on a single-phase system or if your vehicle does not support multi-phase charging (consult your vehicle manual for information), choose a single-phase Infinergi model (up to 7.4kW). In all other cases, buy a three-phase model to optimize charging times (up to 22kW).

  • Why choose a model with display and RFID?

    Models with a display can provide real-time charging information and the status of the device and can be configured without using the web application.

    These models also integrate the RFID card reader, which can be used to allow charging only to authorized users.

  • Should I choose a tethered or an untethered model?

    It depends on the installation place. If the charger is to be installed on limited access environment (private garage or restricted access area), we recommend the tethered version for practicality reasons.

    If the charger is to be installed on a public access area, we recommend the untethered version, which is less subject to vandalism and periodic safety checks. Remember that you will need an external charging cable. If your car has a Type 1 (SAE J1772) connector, you will need to purchase a Type2 (station) - Type1 (vehicle) cable. Consult your vehicle manual for information.

  • Should I increase the contractual power?

    It depends on the charging power you need. Contracts for homes are usually limited to around 3kW. You can choose to increase it depending on your vehicle's battery capacity (kWh) and the required charging times. Remember that infinergi allows you to configure a power limit, manually or dynamically by the DLM feature, to manage charging power depending on domestic consumption.

  • Can I use my green energy system to charge my vehicle?

    Yes, of course, infinergi perfectly integrates with a renewable energy production system. By connecting an optional accessory (CT sensor for DLM), you can configure your station to use partially or totally green energy, so that you can charge your car costless!

  • Can I install a single-phase infinergi on a three-phase system?

    Yes. You must connect one of the three phases of the system to position L1 of the main terminal board. However, remember that Infinergi can deliver up to 7.4kW (32A) on the connected phase, creating a strong unbalance in the system. Furthermore, the DLM functionality would not work properly, because only one phase out of three is monitored. For this reason, we strongly do not recommend this connection type.

  • Can I install a three-phase infinergi on a single-phase system?

    No, it’s not possible so far.  

  • I have an IT earthing system. Can I install Infinergi?

    Yes, Infinergi supports TN/TT and IT earthing systems. This setting must be configured during installation.

  • What about infinergi warranty?

    Infinergi has a 24-month warranty from the purchasing date.

  • I want to buy multiple infinergi chargers. How can I do?

    Contact us with your request. We will answer you with our best offer as soon as possible.  


  • How do I install infinergi?

    You can install it on the wall or on a pedestal (optional accessory) following the manual. For the electrical set-up, connection and configuration, it is strongly recommended to consult an electrician..

  • What additional electrical devices are needed to install infinergi?

    For each charging station installation, you will need a 30mA residual current circuit breaker (RCD) and a circuit breaker (MCB), or an integrated circuit breaker/residual current circuit breaker (RCBO). Each charging station must be connected to only one RCD+MCB or RCBO. With Infinergi you can install a type A RCD, much cheaper than type B.

    The electrical cables section, as well as the circuit breakers and differential switches, must be suitable for the power you intend to use. Contact your electrician if you have any questions.

  • Can I leave infinergi always connected to the mains?

    Yes, of course! Infinergi draws less than 3W in standby mode. Economically speaking, assuming an electricity cost of €0.12/kWh, in a month your bill would only increase by 0.26€!

  • My electrician configured infinergi with a current limit, but then I changed my contractual power. How can i set a new limit?

    It is strongly recommended to ask to the installer/electrician for the new configuration. You can follow the same procedure used to complete the device installation. Scroll to the First Use FAQ section for details.

First use

  • How do I set up the device?

    Once the electrical connection has been completed, the device must be tuned on and set with the operating parameters. Using the display (where available) or the web application (logging in with the admin account), browse to the installation section and set the installation parameters. Supervision by an electrician during this procedure is highly recommended. See the manual for details.

  • How do I use the web application?

    Keep on hand the quick guide contained in the infinergi package and follow these instructions:

    1. Search for the WiFi network “INFINERGI_xx_xx_xx” from your smartphone (the x represents the last characters of the MAC address printed on the infinergi label) and connect entering the “WiFi key” highlighted in green in the example below as the password.

    2. Open a browser and navigate to address. 

    3. Type "admin" as username and the complete serial number as password, like the one highlighted in red in the example below.


  • I lost the quick installation guide. How can I connect to the web application?

    A copy of the label is sticked inside the device, on the electronic board of the front panel. The panel must be open only when the main braker is turned off and only by electrician or qualified personnel. If you are unable to recover the internal label, please contact us

  • I completed the first configuration. What to do now?

    Infinergi is ready to charge, and you can connect a vehicle. Remember that if you want to use some features, such as scheduled mode or save the charging history, you must manually set a valid date or connect it to the Internet for automatic synchronization. You can change the operating parameters and enable the various supported features by navigating the menu.

  • Do I have to set a valid date?

    Some features require the time to be set to properly work. If connected to the Internet, infinergi independently configures the date and time. Otherwise, the time must be set manually using the display (where available) or the web application. See the manual for details.

  • I bought multiple devices and I want to configure them with the same settings? Do I have to set them one by one?

    No, if you log in the web application using the admin account, you just need to configure one completely and export settings. In the other devices, complete the first installation only and import your settings. See the manual for the procedure details.

  • Why the setting menu is different from the one described on the manual?

    We periodically update infinergi software and documentation. If you have not connected your station to the Internet, you may have an outdated software version. Connect it to a network or update it manually using the procedures described in Software update FAQ section.

Vehicle charging

  • I connected my car, but the charge doesn’t start. Why?

    There are multiple reasons. Check the display (where present) and the backlight colour of infinergi logo on the frontal panel and see the manual for details.

    Below is a list of the most common cases:

    - Infinergi is stuck due to a fault. Scroll to the Problems and Recovery FAQs section to resolve the issue.

    - The first configuration has not finished yet. Infinergi requires an initial configuration to set at least the type of system earthing and the maximum power that can be delivered. If you have a display version, you can configure it using the navigation keys, otherwise you must connect a smartphone to the device.

    - Authentication enabled. In this case charging begins only when a valid RFID card is read.

    - DLM function enabled. The home system available power is not high enough to start charging.

    - Green mode selected. A minimal surplus of energy may be required to start charging. See the manual for correct configuration.

    - Scheduled mode selected. Charging does not start if you are in a time slot without active programs or if, within a program, the minimum conditions to start charging do not exist.

    - OCPP mode selected. In this mode, the device may be disabled by the remote server.

  • Which is the minimum charging power?

    The standard requires that the minimum charging power for electric vehicles is 1.4kW. You cannot charge your vehicle below this power. Remember that the lower the power, the longer the charging times.

  • Why does my vehicle charges with a lower power than the one settled?

    If a power limit has not been set by the user or by the DLM function, the limitation may depend on the internal charger of your car. See your vehicle manual for more details. These are some cases that may occur:

    - Limited charging power, often found on hybrid cars which normally have smaller batteries. 

    - Charging on three-phase systems not supported 

    - Dynamic power consumption, typically lower at the begin and end of charging.

    For infinergi models without cable, the limitation may also depend on the cable type. There are different types of cables standardized according to current regulations, each with a limit on the power that can be delivered. Infinergi recognizes the type of cable and can limit the charging power according to the cable limits. Check the specifications of your cable.

  • Why does the charging periodically restart if I leave my vehicle connected?

    It depends on your car charger. The batteries have small consumption even when the car is on standby. If the charger detects that the batteries have become too discharged, it can ask the charging station to supply it again.

DLM (Dynamic Load Management)

  • What is the DLM function?

    If you enable the DLM function, Infinergi adjusts the charging power dynamically based on home consumption. This allows you to avoid the annoying disconnection of the energy meter when you connect the car, because the total consumption always remains below the set contractual power. Remember that you need an external accessory to use the DLM function. See the manual for details.

  • How long is the DLM CT sensor cable?

    The CT sensor comes with a 5m cable. If your electricity meter is further away, you can extend the cable up to 100m, if you use a shielded twisted cable (UTP Cat 5 or higher). In the case of a three-phase system, the use of a single 8-wire cable (4 pairs) is sufficient to connect all three CT sensors to be installed on the individual phases. Remember to use a waterproof cable gland to keep the IP grade of infinergi!

  • I already installed a Modbus MID meter on my electrical system. Can I use it to manage the DLM function?

    Yes, if you have a version of the device supported by infinergi, you can use a MID Modbus meter as an alternative to the CT sensor. Scroll to the MID external meter FAQ section for more information.

Safety and authentication

  • I have a Infinergi model with display, installed in a public access area. Can I limit access to the configuration menu?

    Yes, you can protect access to the menu with a 4-digit code. You can enable it inside the Admin/Security section of device settings. Use the admin user and see the manual for the procedure. Remember also to change the default password of the admin account!

  • Can I add new users on the web application?

    No, the web application only provides two accounts so far. One administrative type and one with fewer privileges. See the manual for default login credentials. We recommend that you change these passwords after the first installation.

  • Can limit charging access to authorized users only?

    Infinergi provides authentication via RFID card so far. If you set this limit for charging, an authorized RFID card must be read by the reader to enable charging. On RFID-less infinergi versions, this function is not available.

  • How to set RFID authorized cards?

    To add new RFID cards you can use either the display (where available) or the web application (logging in with the admin account). The cards will be stored on the Infinergi's internal memory. See the manual for details.

  • How many authorized RFID cards can i set up on infinergi?

    There is no limit, you can add as many RFID cards as you want!

Internet connection

  • Is it mandatory to connect Infinergi to the Internet?

    No, but it’s highly recommended to keep the software updated to the last version, with stability improvements and new features and to hold data and time synchronized. It will also make remote assistance requests possible, if necessary.

  • How do I connect Infinergi to the Internet?

    There are two ways: 

    WiFi. If infinergi is installed on a WiFi covered area, you can connect the device to it setting the correct parameters. See the manual for the connection procedure. Remember, when you connect to the infinergi web application, you are locally connected, but the device is not connected to the Internet yet. 

    GPRS. If a WiFi network is not available, you can purchase an accessory which provides GPRS connectivity. This device is sold separately (SIM not included).

  • If I connect my smartphone to the same WiFi network configured on infinergi, can I use the web application?

    Yes. You can use the web application to monitor Infinergi either connecting to its network directly or connecting to the same WiFi network by two alternative ways.

    - Navigate to the infinergi IP address, assigned by the access point, on your browser. You can check this parameter in the web application (Info/WiFi Connection section).

    - Navigate to the address http://infinergi_xx_xx_xx.local, where the x's represent the last characters of the MAC address shown on the Infinergi label.

  • If infinergi is connected to the Internet via WiFi network, can I remotely use the web application?

    No, you need to be connected to the same WiFi network.

  • If infinergi is connected to the Internet via a GPRS mobile connection, can I remotely use the web application?

    Yes, but you must use a SIM with some VPN service. In this case, you just need to know the IP address of Infinergi on the private network. Contact the SIM card provider for more information.

Software update

  • How can I update infinergi software?

    If Infinergi is connected to a network with Internet access, the software update is performed automatically.

    If this is not possible, you can always update your product manually by following the instructions here.   

External MID meter

  • Can I record the power used for charging sessions?

    All Infinergi versions have a power meter inside. However, if you need a MID certified measure for consumption pricing, you must purchase an external accessory to be connected to the grid and to the charging station. Only the display equipped Infinergi models support this accessory (MID Modbus counter). See the manual for details.

  • I already installed a Modbus MID meter on my system. Can I use it?

    Infinergi currently supports only the following MID meter models:

    - Carlo Gavazzi EM111 / EM340

    - LUMEL NMID30-2

    - Eastron SDM230 / SDM72D


    Contact us for information or request for quotes.

  • Can I use the same Modbus MID meter for both consumption pricing and DLM managing?

    No, these features require two different types of installations. An incorrect configuration could cause malfunctions. Consult the manual for correct installation in this scenario.

  • Can I use two different Modbus MID meters for consumption pricing and DLM managing?

    No, Infinergi currently supports only one MID Modbus meter connection. If you select the MID meter as the sensor to manage the DLM, you will not be able to use another one for charging consumption recording. Conversely, if you enable the MID Modbus meter to monitor the charging energy, you will be able to activate the DLM only with the CT sensor.

Charging history

  • Does infinergi record the charging sessions history?

    Yes, infinergi records the last 100 charging sessions, overwriting the least recent. The following information is provided for each session:

    - Session start

    - Duration (total time and charging time)

    - Delivered energy (total and green)

    - Device end of session status

    You must set a valid date to use this feature. See the manual for details.

  • How can I view the charging sessions history?

    You must connect to the device using the web application and navigate to History section. Here you can see the memorized charging sessions time-filtered list.


  • Why does nothing happen if I turn on the device?

    Turn on the device. If the display (where present) remains off or if you don’t hear the start-up sound, turn off the power to the device and check the electrical connection. Also check the flat cable correct connection between the two electronic boards inside the device.

  • Why does my device lose the date setting?

    Infinergi was designed to always remain connected to the electricity grid. If it is turned off for more than a day, at next start the date setting is lost and must be configured again. When you connect your Smartphone to infinergi, a time synchronization is automatically performed. Connect the charging station to the Internet to avoid date lose. See the manual for details.

  • The infinergi logo is flashing red. What to do?

    Infinergi detected a problem and got stuck. It could be an installation, vehicle or internal problem with the device. To find the error code, check the dedicated message on the display (where available) or access the web application. Then consult the manual for troubleshooting.

  • What about assistance requests?

    If corrective actions were not sufficient to resolve a problem, please contact us with a brief description of the problem. We will do our best to provide you with assistance as quickly as possible.

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